About Us


Hello, my name is Valerie Harris and I’m now training in a gym class. That is a gym class for middle – aged women. I have been practicing for six years and this is a great period for me on the grounds that I have experienced more fun and I also gain a lot of inspiration.

The first time I practiced was when I came to the gym class with my close friend. She told me to wait for her for about 30 minutes there. I was impressed by the body form of the trainer. At that time, I also dreamt about a form like that. Then I told my friend to help me take a course for 3 months.

I had prepared a lot of water and equipment for the first lesson with the trainer. She helped me to make a schedule in details for practicing and she was also closed to me. After two months, I gained 3 more kilos and I had a more appropriate diet every day. That was my first result.