10 Mistakes Need To Be Avoided When Practicing The Gym

Practicing the gym to have a good shape, a compact and healthy body, rippling muscles, attractive especially in the eyes of the women is the dream of many boys. But how to work-out the gym safely and effectively is something that anyone will need to learn. This article will introduce you some usual mistakes that bodybuilders often make.

Improper diet

This is probably the biggest mistake that beginners often make when they practice the gym. Eat these fresh foods for each meal will bring benefits and limit the sweets, cakes, and snacks. Remember that bodybuilder will disrupt muscle cells, if not getting enough nutrients in the proper time, you will not be able to recover and grow at best.


Inappropriate exercise program

You go to the gym but do not know what is going to practice and usually imitate according to friends around, the part being practiced are mostly at chest and hands. This causes your body to become imbalanced because you have forgotten the practice of foot, back, abdomen, which leads to muscle groups unable to develop as other parts of the body. Therefore, you should learn about the training program, which can provide the best overall results and when you find an appropriate method, you must follow it persistently.

Improper method

Many people always want to demonstrate their strength, so they generally strive to be able to lift heavier weights than the others but they must know that each time of practicing, they will use the joints and ligaments more . This can lead to sore joints and tendons, which can cause injury in the future.

Lack of persistence

To make a good progress in the gym, you need to practice with your perseverance, with a reasonable diet and have time for muscle recovery. If lack any of these things you will not get the results you want.

Lack of sleep

Sleep is one of the most effective measures to recover the body. During sleep, the body will secrete growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone. All these hormones will help the body recover and build the muscle. Also good sleep helps you get the energy to workout the next day.

Lack of sleep

Using too much medication support

The supplements only help to support what you do not get from food. No drug can replace a proper diet.

Forget to practice the legs

The feet are the foundation of the body, where you can get energy when you participate in any sport. Properly feet practicing will be the strongest and loudest among muscle groups. Another benefit to exercise is that your legs use the most weight and this helps the body to secrete GH, IGF-1 and testosterone, they also help other muscle groups.


You bring your items to go the gym as ipod video, games or answer phone message for friends. These are the things need avoiding. Time in the gym is just for practicing to help to you focus on workout without being distracted


Many of you prefer to use to practice at full speed and never seems to get tired. But if the energy is used continuously without a break, you would slow down the progression of the practice because it is too a certain threshold, the body is overloaded and will not achieve other further results.


Not enough rest between exercises

You need sufficient time to recover between exercises, muscles need to stay a full 72 hours before working out again. And below are6 things to do to help you reach your expected goals when practicing the gym

Need some guidance

Do not hesitate to ask the coach or senior person at the gym, they will be your best teacher guides the movements precise, as well as give simultaneous movements advice

Booting carefully before exercising and relaxing when finishing

Before training, try to start about 10-15 minutes with gentle movements start as walking, jumping rope to relax muscles, not stretched, which will help to minimize injuries encountered when training. After each workout, hot shower would be the best means of helping you regain mental clarity, and relax the muscles and blood vessels in the body.

Attention on the action

Make precise movements will account for 70% of your potential for success. Moreover, when making right moves, you will not feel pain or strain.

Regular and logical training

Normally, you should aim for 3-4 sessions per week. That is reasonable, about 40-60 minutes per session. The ideal time for practice is from 2-5 pm.

Do not get too hungry or too full

Eat lightly about 1h30-2hbefore practicing. The place should be avoided the wind. Besides, you should drink water several times, each time after a few small sips rather drink movements on once. Do not stay too long between exercises. Be sure to eat more bananas and drink more milk.


The bodybuilders should wear tank tops, shorts, and sports with airy cotton. Absolutely do not wear panties boxer or the overheating. Also, you should not wear jeans or khakis when practicing the training.

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