7 Best Sports for Weight Loss

A good-looking body is dream of many people, especially those who are overweight. Many of them are even willing to spend millions on it. But do you know that you can gain the same result in a cheap way just by doing some sports. My article today will introduce you some effective sports which will keep you in proper shape while still being fit and healthy. Such a perfect result, right?


1. Swimming

Swimming is a familiar form of exercise to any of us. And it is also an excellent form of exercise. Normally, to do this sport, the swimmer will have to active every his single body muscle in order to propel himself in water. By this way, not only will his muscle at the neck, the face and the toes be improved but also his posture and flexibility will be improved.

In addition to this, swimming comes with an effective aerobic workout and is ideal to swimmers of all ages and experience level. And for the purpose of losing weight, you should gradually speed your pace up and increase your swimming sessions at once. A swimmer who gets used to a brisk forward crawl can burn as much as eleven calories every minute. And up to your own weight and exertion level, you will be able to burn between 90 and 550 extra calories in a half-hour session. Is this number attractive to you, an overweight person?


2. Sprinting

Sprinting is another effective exercise for losing weight but it is a bit difficult to follow. This exercise often makes it harder for you to breathe, resulting in the increase of the oxygen amount in your blood. This, eventually, detoxifies your body. More than that, this sport also improves your muscles and boosts metabolism and heart rate as well. It is advised by experts to perform short sprints at intervals every day so that you can raise your heartbeat, speed blood circulation and increase the body temperature. In the end, you will lose a considerable amount of fat in short time.

3. Parkour

This sport is famous for demanding a high level of fitness. Also, it requires a wide range of movement patterns. That is the reason why it is also a high-calories-burning exercise. To do this sport, you are required to deal with dozen different activities, including running, jumping, rolling, climbing, swinging, mantling, vaulting, and quadruped movement, varying according to the given situation. And the movements you make when doing Parkour contributes to boosting the total calorie burn every minute, making this sport a quick-burning-calories exercise.

4. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is among the most difficult sports in the world. It requires huge energy and fitness. Performing it, you will be involved in various actions, such as power, flexibility, swiftness, balance and coordination as well. It requires high level of energy, good body shape along with fitness. This is the reason why the gymnast exercisers are often slim and have carefully-honed bodies. In term of burning fat, it is considered a moderate calorie-burning exercise with about 298 calories burned each performing hour (applying to a 155-pound person). Anyway, it is also proved to be effective for weight loss.

5. Cycling

Yeah, the next recommended sport is a very simple and familiar sport, which is cycling. This sport is ideal to every exerciser, regardless of their ages or fitness levels. It is introduced a weight losing exercise because it can burn calories, improve health and make you in right shape at once. Plus, it enhances the major muscle groups in your legs, including the gluten, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. Normally, a half-hour session can burn between 75 and 670 extra calories. So if you want, you can choose cycling as an alternative for sprinting to have your weight lost.


6. Surfing

Surfing also helpful in losing weight, you know? It is an ideal total body workout with most of the focus is on strengthening the core. It involves your arms, legs and abs. it is informed that a 150 lb person can burn almost 250 calories an hour by surfing. Rather than strengthen your muscles, condition your total body and boost cardiovascular, regular surfing strengthen our energy and fitness. It is a great fat-burning activity. This is the reason why you rarely see an overweight surfer.

7. Soccer

The King sport is eventually here. Rather than be a favorite and popular sport, it is an efficient method to lose weight as it requires your muscles and heart to work in different ways. It is able to strengthen muscle mass and burn calories by involving both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers. In general, it builds and maintains muscles mass, which boost your metabolism, not encourage muscle loss. It is proven that a 155-pound person playing soccer in just half an hour can burn about 260 calories. And a pound lost is equivalent 3,500 calories burned. So if you spend an hour a day, three days a week playing soccer, you can burn an extra 1,500 of calories every week, and lose 2 pounds a month just by playing. So do you know the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as the fittest athlete in the world.

Above are seven effective sports which are not only ideal for losing weight but also a perfect solution for a good-looking body good health. Most of them are familiar and easy to follow. What about giving them a try?

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