8 Taboos When Practicing Gym For The Bodybuilders

When workout the gym, there are still some taboos you should note if you do not want to waste your hard work in the gym.

Practicing too much and too hasty

Many young beginners when work-out the gym are eager to reduce fat quickly, with slender waist as soon as possible. They are usually increase much higher intensity than the permitted level, as well as practice in the more difficulty level than the beginners to accelerate the training process. This is not good at all, even many counterproductive. So you should plan to complete each step, time and intensity for properly, which can increase the intensity of training, but with the gradual speed over time, not suddenly.


Be talkative when practicing the gym

Be talkative when practicing the gym

This is quite frequent and popular in their teens when they play any team sport. But indeed, this is not good at all. When exercising, talking too much will adversely affect your effectiveness. The ability to concentrate may decrease, physical factors may be weaker. Of course, we can not avoid both work-out and enjoy the comfort as well as relax with friends, but it should be limited and say properly ( while at rest, for example). Remember, exercise is the single most important purpose.

Setting goals too high

No matter what new methods of exercise play well, you should be also wise to have right decision-making. Actually, there is no method of "divine", which can help you achieve a rapidly effective result. Setting the target too high in a short time is impossible, and will make you depressed when not finished. Be persistent, and give a specific planning for a long-term process.

Failure to follow the advice of experts

Before starting the exercise, the first thing to do is consult the experts, or by those who have experience ahead. As teenagers, they do not have much money to go to the center or hospital to ask for advice, and you can wander on the internet to find trustworthy advice on the site, or consult through the books, or simply ask their parents, siblings, friends - people with good effect after the exercise. You will not only further the knowledge required but also help you master the basic techniques, as well as a small tip to avoid these injuries, which may happen to you.

Failure to follow the advice of experts

Overwhelming practicing

If you start to feel tired during exercise (chest tightness, shortness of breath, discourage ), reduce the intensity immediately! If you seem to try too hard in such a situation, you will get the injury. Teen should note to balance between training and rest. Reduce the intensity down, rest, drink cool water, then return to the low-intensity exercise, then gradually increase. Overtraining makes you depressed, and is easy to "stick" injuries.

Improper breathing

It seems to be that inhalation - breathing is very little problems as the body's nature that extremely few people pay attention to. They do not know that proper breathing helps to increase the effectiveness of your workout than ever, and if not breathing properly, your fitness not only reduces but also unable to achieve as expected. Even breathing improperly will lead to hypoxia, stress anymore. The right way is to breathe deeply strained chest, breathe through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. One interesting note is that when you start to have symptoms of fatigue, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through a mouth beats two beats. Just keep on doing that.

Do not drink enough water

More important thing is that the teen must drink enough water every day. Once you practice, you also need more water than normal to compensate for the amount of sweat escaped again. Drink water every hour, as well as in leisure time, and about 30 minutes before training.

Eat too little

Eating not enough is not good for your health, such as eating too much. When the body is not getting enough energy needed, it will fall into hunger, making you hypotension, dizziness, insufficient health. Above are some taboos that bodybuilders should avoid to make sure an expected result. If they break up the rules, they will get nothing no matter how hard they try.

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