Common Problems When It Comes To Doing Gym Exercise And How To Solve Them?

Millions of us join a gym as a way to improve health and relax, but not all of us are making proper workout everyday. Below are some common problems that you may run into when it comes to doing exercise. Solutions to each are also included. Keep reading, it may be helpful for you.

Common Problems When It Comes To Doing Gym Exercise And How To Solve Them

1. Problem No 1: Chaffing

This is a common problem to those who have somehow big thighs. Although the workout will gradually solve the problem (as you will get thinner after certain time of following the workout), it might be so painful at first that it makes you decide to stop working out.


The possible solution in this case is to get your thigh thinner. But how? Yeah, simply put on leggings or yoga pants which are made of stretchable material, together with your track pants, of course. Some users find it uncomfortable to follow this solution, then I recommend wearing boy shorts. These added works will help to protect your thighs from a rubbing against, and finally leaves no chaffing. In case you know the solution after you have got hurt, then apply a medicated antiseptic cream to heal the wound it and then restart your workout.


2. Problem No 2: Bouncy boobs

Bouncy boobs

While running on the treadmill itself is exhausting, it can be even worse if you have outsized breasts which bound when you run. Besides the feeling of being uncomfortable, this can make you embarrassed and causes injury.


Double bra your breasts! You can make your outsized breasts look smaller and neater; you can wear a steady non-wired bra beneath your sports one. The twofold support will keep your breasts in their place and stop the bouncing.

3. Problem No 3: Smell or body odor

Gym is a place where a number of people do their workout, so it is full of sweat, not to mention body odor. Some people even decide to stop entering the gym due to the horrible smell that the gym has.


It sounds unconventional, but the best thing you can do to deal with the issue is to breathe, breath and breath. Your nose is able to stop sensing a foul odor as long as you get familiar with it. So simply breathe as normal. If you try to minimum your breath, you will feel the smell much worse in the next breathing time.

Problem No 4: No free machines

People tend to go to gym in their free time, after finishing their office work, that is the reason why you always find the gym crowed when hitting it after finishing your work. In many cases, there is even no free machine for you to work out. You have to wait and if it takes too much time, you might even decide to come back home. This will affect your workout’s intensity.


Ok, so if you go to the gym and it is so crowded with people that there is no free machine left, be patient to wait and do not let the waiting time run helpless. Alternatively, conduct some floor work out while waiting. This is not simply to take advantage of waiting time, it helps to increase your heart rate and warm your body up before moving to the next exercise. Note that speedy cool down and warm up are harmful to your body. So make gradual changes before starting your machine workout by doing some warm up activities.

Problem No 5: Sweaty machines

Yeah, this is an easy-to-find problem in almost every gym. The images of sweaty seats, sweaty dumbbells, and icky handles are not stranger to us. But do not stay away from the gym due to this issue, it is resolvable.


Simply bring a towel with you when going to the gym. Then use it to wipe off sweat before using the machine and it is also basic gym etiquette, so even your machine doesn’t get sweaty, you should do this.

Bottom Limes

Above are five most common problems when it comes to doing gym exercise and solution to each. How many of them have you run into? At least one, I think. So now you are able to deal with it perfectly, right? So what other problems do you often come across when entering the gym? Share us and then we will discuss together to find out solutions to eventually makes to most of uses of gym and exercises in it as well.

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